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Important Notice

If you are running any version of Internet Explorer, you will need to have Sun Microsystem's version of Java installed for this applet to run. If you do not already have this, you can download it for free here:

This is my game demo. It's pretty rough, but it's playable. I have no idea at this point if I will ever find time to work on this again.

This site will load a blank page for the applet to run in, but don't worry - you will stay in the bougefamily domain. When you want to come back, just use the back button on your browser.

To get started, click on the applet to bring it into focus. Then use the directional arrows and enter key to navigate through the menus. When you're in the game, use the 'z' key to shoot. Be patient - this will take a couple of minutes to load.

Have fun! The planet of Mitog is counting on you!

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