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This Paper is Yummy

What Sophia wants to say to everyone.

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Posted: Sunday, August 12, 2012

by Sophia

I'm gonna talk about space. Space is um, has a lot of astronauts. Space has a lot of aliens. You can learn about aliens on a computer. You need a telescope to see things in space.

Space is really, really big. Planets have a lot, a lot of moons. But our planet only has one.

And my daddy's name is Mark. And my name is Sophia. And my mommy's name is Kris--Kristine. My daddy's shirt is about science. My ring has Earth on it. Dirt is sollow Neptune. I made it up; sollow is nothing. My hair is crazy, my hair lives on daddy's hair.

Hello, my Earth! Hello my daddy, I love you! Paper is dirt. I love my cousins. Hi Chloe. Hi Madelyn. Hello grandma. Hello shoes. Hello to everything.

Hi grandma, I really love you. My shoes are red. And daddy's computer is funny. I like daddy. And the keyboard is really flat.

I like school. I sing "The Wheels on the Bus", and learn about books. I learn about computers, keyboards and everything. I made a lot of friends at school. My friends love me, and I love them. I love my whole family. There's no place like home.


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