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Dylan will be Help?

Posted: Sunday, July 15, 2007

by Kris

Great News! Dylan will be here on July 19th and will be here until August 25th. We can hardly wait to see him. We have missed him so very much! I still can't believe that he is 14yrs old! Once he is here, he can help us with getting his baby sister's room ready for her. I am sure that he will be spending time with his friends the first few weeks he is here-hopefully we will be able to do some fun family things with him too. Baby Bouge Update-I am now 23wks, only 17wks to go! At my Dr.'s appt. on July 11th I got to hear her heartbeat again - 160 beats! My blood pressure is good and I have gained 8 lbs since my last check-up which my Dr. said was good since I had lost weight at my last two appts. She seems to be right on track. Our baby girl seems to enjoy kicking and moving around alot now. Of course she wants to do all this right when it is time to go to bed. Finding a comfortable position to get to sleep has become a challenge. I also have been picking some things up for her. I think that Mark is already sick of the color pink. But I am having so much fun with all the girl stuff just like I did when Madelyn and Chloe were born. We also have been checking out different color schemes for the baby's room. It has been a challenge agreeing on the color. Also, we really haven't decided on a name yet. I guess we need to pick up a baby name book! It is so hard trying to find a name for someone you don't even know yet! My mother had her knee surgery on June 22nd. The surgery went well and she seems to be doing well. Now, she is waiting to see when she can have surgery on the other knee. My mom made the comment that her warranty has expired and now things are breaking down. Mark's mom, Doris, may have to have the same kind of knee surgery as well. Keith, Lisa and the girls came down for a quick visit on July 3rd. It was wonderful to see them. I wish that I could have played more with Madelyn and Chloe, but with my growing belly it was hard to roll around on the floor with them. Mark really surprised me by the way he was with the girls running around touching everything. He is so patient and didn't freak out when Chloe played with his PS3 controller. I am so proud of him! We spent July 4th at our friends, Mary and Manuel's house. The food and company made up for such a grey, wet day. Mary makes the best Banana Pudding on the planet! If you want the recipe, let me know and I will email it to you. Oh, my cousin Latricia called me the other day and shared her good news-she is having a girl as well. She is due October 8th. She is having fun picking out girl stuff too as her first child is a boy, Chad, who is 11yrs old. Girl stuff is just so fun! I hope that everyone is doing well-please email us and let us know how everyone is doing! By the way-a quick reminder from Mark: The Simpson Movie will be out July 27th!!!!!

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