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Baby Bouge will be a Girl!

Posted: Monday, June 11, 2007

by Kris

In case you did not see the banner above - We are having a GIRL!!!!!! We will be in a sea of pink and flowers soon. Dylan really didn't have a comment about us having a girl - it is a baby - all the same to him. I can just picture Mark and Dylan sitting on the floor playing with dolls and having tea parties! I am sure that she will adore her big brother and be a total Daddy's Girl. Now we know how to decorate for the baby's room - which we will get moving forward on now. I am 18.4 weeks today and everything is looking good. The baby is about 8oz and she was a little shy about showing her private parts today during the ultrasound - she had no problem mooning us though. Everything is looking good for her development and she is on track. We will be posting ultrasound pictures shortly. My weight, blood pressure and sugar levels are fine as well. My mom's knee surgery has been cancelled again - she does not know when it will be rescheduled as there is an issue with her other knee now. Keep your fingers crossed that it will all get resolved soon. Mark has his game up on the site - so, please check it out. It's like an old school video game - lots of fun. Hopefully, he will be able to expand it more. We also put some links to websites that we like to check out - of course my links are mostly silly websites. Be sure to check out Eliza's site - she has some awesome paintings. I am lucky to have a couple of her pieces gracing my walls.

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