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A Bouncing Baby Bouge on the Way

Posted: Sunday, June 3, 2007

by Kris

Hello everyone! Just a quick update on what is going on here with us. As of June 1st, I am 17wks along and I am feeling the baby move around a little. It kind of catches me off guard - as it has been nearly 14yrs since I have felt the flutterings of a baby. My energy levels are still pretty good too! Our next dr's appt. is June 11th when we are supposed to find out the sex of the baby. I can hardly wait! Dylan is curious to know if I am having "a dude or a chick"! He has suggested some names - but I just can't see myself naming our child Bubba Bourgeois! I think that Dylan and Mark are rooting for a boy. It would be great to have a girl, as I already have my boy. But a healthy bouncing Baby Bouge is all I want. By the way, Dylan is supposed to come home to Texas sometime in July for a month long visit. His last day of school is my birthday. I can't wait to see him, as his visit in April was so short. Also, my mother is supposed to have knee surgery on Dylan's b-day. I am planning on driving to Austin to tend to her for a couple of days. I am trying to talk her into letting me bring her back home with me for her recovery. Also, please send us any news that you would like to share for us to post here on the site. AND for all those who took photos at our wedding - please email them to us so that we may post those as well.

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