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Diary of a New Daddy

Mark's "adventures" in parenthood.

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The Tidy Chemist

Posted: Friday, March 27, 2009

by Mark

Of course, I've always suspected that Sophia was smart. One day I was sitting in the living room, drinking some water. As typical, as soon as Sophia sees someone else eating or drinking anything, she comes running over with her mouth open. I picked her up and plopped her down on my knee. I helped her drink from my cup of water, but she wanted to do it herself. Finally, I relented and let her hold the plastic cup. She was doing great, until that point where you need to increase the angle of tipping - which she did, a little too much, and upended the rest of the water all over her and me. After dabbing both of us up, she still wasn't content. She wanted the empty cup. I told her it was empty, but she wouldn't hear any of it. She wanted it anyway. Being the sucker for my daughter that I am, I gave her the cup. She tried to drink from it again, but nothing. After a couple of tries, she wanted down. I put her back on the ground. We've been transitioning her from bottles to sippy cups. Most days she's fine with the sippy cups, especially with juice. Today, however, she had a bottle of juice. As soon as I put her down with cup in hand, she went right to her bottle of juice. Shocked and amazed, I watched her put the cup down on the floor, pick up her bottle, and start squeezing the juice out of the bottle into the cup. When she had a little bit in the cup, she threw down the bottle and drank from the cup. She kept repeating this a few milliliters of liquid at a time. I wished I had a video camera nearby. My little chemist! Sophia has also amazed me in another skill that she developed recently. Sometimes we're not always diligent about immediately throwing out used wipes or tissues when her face gets dirty. One day she got a hold of a used tissue, so I told her 'No, Sophia - don't use that one - it's dirty, it needs to be thrown away in the trash'. She looked at me for a moment, and then took off into the kitchen. Confused about what she was up to, I got my lazy ass up and followed her. She ran to the trash, and dumped the tissue inside! Clapping and praising her, she joined me with some clapping. A few days later, I was watching TV while Kris was cooking dinner. I was aware of Sophia running from the living room to the kitchen every few moments or so, but I wasn't concerned too much - Kris was seeing her when I couldn't. After a number of back and forths, Sophia comes out of the kitchen clapping. Finally, I focused my attention on her. She ran up to the tissue box, grabbed a tissue and ran into the kitchen. Yup, you guessed it - she had been pulling out the clean tissues from the box, and plopping them into the trash for the last few minutes. Oh well - if losing a half a box of tissues is the only casualty, I think we're doing pretty good.

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