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Diary of a New Daddy

Mark's "adventures" in parenthood.

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Little Eyes, The Next Jimi

Posted: Saturday, March 21, 2009

by Mark

It is amazing to see the world through eyes that light up at the smallest wonders. Unfortunately, I am too far removed from that time in my life, but I can almost grasp it again vicariously. Opening a cell phone, Sophia immediately sees familiar faces glowing from the backlit screen. Giving a gasp, she turns to look at me with wide eyes and wide jaw as if saying 'Are you seeing this too? I'm in the cell phone!' There are a multitude of small interactions which completely adhere to the laws of physics that continually bombard my petite 17 month old, filling her with fascination and awe about this strange, new world that's all around her. I like to think that I can see exactly the thoughts that flitter past...this toy is making sounds!...hmmm, it stopped...I was hitting it before, let me try that again...This spot doesn't turn it on...Not here either...Singing! Yea! This is the spot - wait, there's a button here...How about if I keep pressing it over and over?...It kinda sounds like that funny song that daddy sings to me about an alpha-something, something to do with the different shapes that stick to the refrigerator, and all my books have them too...But the song keeps starting over every time I hit this button...which sounds funny - I'm going to laugh now...I guess I'll never be able to hear 'next time won't you sing with me?' Sophia has recently learned how to give kisses. Not an open-mouthed press against the cheek, mind you, but a real puckering and smacking. The first time, just about a week ago, Kristine and I were putting her to bed when I asked the ritual question, 'Give daddy kisses?', she leaned into my cheek and smacked a good one on me as she gave me a hug. I was shocked for a moment, and Kristine was borderline hysterical. I praised her, so she gave me a couple more. 'Okay, give momma kisses' - and she dutifully kissed her mother too. Kristine was almost crying with joy. It's one thing to love your kids, but the feeling you get when they give signs of returning that love is utterly indescribable. Dylan has been progressing with the guitar. It is amazing to me, as someone who is as tone deaf as [insert the worst singer you can think of], that he can listen to a song and pluck away to resolve the notes. Maybe he's not ready to rival Jimi yet, but he's coming along nicely. He recently received an Ion electronic drum kit. The cool thing about these particular drum kits is that you can use them as a regular drum set (headphones included, thank goodness), and are also compatible with Playstation 3's Rock Band and Guitar Hero video games. I can't wait to 'usurp' them for a night to try that out!

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