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Diary of a New Daddy

Mark's "adventures" in parenthood.

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Sophia Anne Bourgeois is Here!!!

Posted: Sunday, October 21, 2007

by Mark

Some of you may have noticed that our little bundle of joy came a bit early. We weren't expecting her until Kristine's scheduled C-section on Nov. 1st. But, I guess little Sophia didn't get the memo. Kristine's water broke at work on Wednesday, so I rushed home, completely unprepared. When I got there, it was close to when school was getting out, so we decided to wait until Dylan got home to get to the hospital together (Kristine wasn't in labor yet - so we had a little time) She told me "We're going to leave in 10 minutes." What I heard was "You have time to install the Ratchet and Clank demo you downloaded last night." Man, am I dumb. Turning on my PS3 was NOT the correct thing to do. She quickly and effectively corrected my error. Finally on the way to the hospital, I get a flat tire. No kidding - a blowout right on the highway. It was a cheesy comedy movie plot come to life. Kristine was actually laughing at me - as you can well imagine I was pretty tense at that point. So I'm outside frantically trying to change a tire, and she's in the car laughing, calling all of her friends that she can think of. Ok - after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing. The C-section delivery went reletively quickly and smoothly. Recovery was on schedule and all the testing and probing came out normal and healthy. On Friday I had left the hospital to get my tire fixed, and to install a carseat. Sounds simple, right? I'm sure that anyone who has actually tried to follow printed instructions of how to install a carseat can attest to the fact that it would be easier to design a nuclear power facility. So, after unraveling the mysteries of the space-time continuum, I finally get the carseat in. But, all of this I can look back on and laugh at now. I am a very happy husband and father. I am so much looking forward to watching my little girl grow up. I just hope I don't get too much poop on me, but I know that it's inevitable.

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